The Global Food Forum

Agriculture needs to be on agenda: Farley (AFR, 7 May 2013) [View Here]

No global ag champion, laments GrainCorp (AFR, 6 May 2013) [View Here]

Report on the Global Food Forum - Trade menu needs quality produce at the top (The Australian) [View Here]

Call to set up Ministry of Food (The Australian) [View Here]

Cattle Barons Comments - Farmers living in a fool's paradise, say cattle barons (The Australian) [View Here]; China trade deal scaled back as Beijing seeks $1bn investment approval threshold (The Australian) [View Here]

Further Comments - Cattle baron Graeme Acton plans to beef up Asian push (The Australian) [View Here]; AACo chief David Farley says Asian opportunities in peril (The Australian) [View Here]




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