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Government Inquiries, Submissions, Reports, and Guidelines

AMPG Submission to the Inquiry into the Role and Effectiveness of Government, MLA, LiveCorp and Relevant Industry Bodies in Improving Animal Welfare Standards in Australia's Live Export Markets (19.8.2011) [View Here] [View Here]

Recommendations of the Senate Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee and Inquiry into the Australian Meat Industry Consultative Structure (Second Report) [View Here]

Senate Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee and Inquiry into the Australian Meat Industry Consultative Structure - Hunt Parters Submission and Evidence [View Here]

Hunt Partners submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport - Inquiry into Meet Marketing [View Here]

"AMPG Submission" to Senate Standing Committee on Rural Affairs & Transport (19.8.2011) [view Here] [View Here]

Senate, Rural and Regional, Transport and Legislative Committee Report into the Red Meat Industry Structures 2002 [View Here]

Australian Meat and Livestock Industry Bill 1997 [View Here]

Summary of 2002 Senate Review of Red Meat Government Advisory Structures[View Here]

Government Levy Principles and Guidlines [View Here]

Industry Structures and Systems Governing Levies on Grass-Fed Cattle Senate Inquiry Press Coverage [View Here] [View Here] [View Here]

Beef's New Direction- Senate Inquiry into Grass-Fed Cattle Levy Industry Structures and Systems [View Here]

Submission to Senate Inquiry - Reserve Bank Amendment (Australian Reconstruction and Development Board) Bill 2013 [View Here]

Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry: Levy Principles and Guidelines [View Here]

1996 Australian Meat and Livestock Reform for the Future Steering Committee and Task Force Report [Title Page] [Overview and Recommendations] [Section Five - Factors Shaping Future Organisational Structure] [Section Six - Future Organisational Structures] [Section Seven - Options for Future Structures]


Agriculture needs bigger scale, Financial Review 10/12/13/Shared/Sites/huntpartners/Assets/Your Files/Agriculture needs bigger scale, Financial Review.pdf

Alan Jones interviews Brad Bellinger in the lead up to the Roma Beef Forum (10.7.13)

ADM failed to win farmer's trust, Financial Review 2/12/13 /Shared/Sites/huntpartners/Assets/Your Files/ADM Failed to Win Farmer's Trust.pdf

Joyce warns farmers will get walked over without code (Financial Review, 29 May 2013) [View Here]

Industry beef over car import tariff (Financial Review, 28 May 2013) [View Here]

Industry models emerge in countdown to Longreach (Beef Central, 8 April 2013)[View Here]

Ludwig will consider MLA inquiry (AAP, 10 June 2011) [View Here]

Media Release, Tony Windsor MP: Beef Industry Survey Results Released [View Here]

Crisis summit called as cattle industry reaches breaking point - article posted on KAP Leader and Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter's website [View Here]

Resolutions and Proposals

Resolutions of the Rockhampton Forum [View Here]

Resolutions of the Armidale Forum [View Here]

John McNamee, Proposal to Establish an Australian Development Bank [View Here]

The Richmond Shire Council Flinders River/O'Connell Creek Cropping Proposa/Shared/Sites/huntpartners/Assets/Your Files/Flinders O'Connell Ck cropping proposal compressed 3 Dec .pdf

Summary of the Cattle Council Consultative Funding and Structural Reform Proposals [View Here]

Summary of AMPG Think Tank Red Meat Industry Reform Options [View Here]

Resolutions - The Beef Crisis Summit - Richmond, 7 May 2013 [View Here]

AMPG Reform Proposals [View Here]

AMPG Red Meat Industry Reform Proposal [View here]


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